Women Hair Loss Treatments Diagnosis

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Women Hair Loss Treatments Diagnosis


Female Pattern Thinning is not Hair Loss. Female Pattern Thinning of the hair only in the pattern that is the front, top, recessions and sides of the head. This pattern of thinning is caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is naturally responsible for our body hair which is part of our integumentary system. DHT gets triggered by hereditary, hormonal and environmental causes and starts to bind to hair on the in pattern. It is a very gradual build up that slowly squeezes the blood supply form the hair resulting in thinning hair, not hair loss.
Most Hair Loss Treatments focus on Female Pattern Thinning only when in most cases the problem is the hair cycle and hair loss. Womens Hair Loss Treatments focusing on the wrong symptom and cause will deliver little result.
The use of the microscope for Women Hair Loss Treatments Diagnosis and understanding the significant difference between the hair cycle and Female Pattern Thinning help Trichologist Carolyn Evans at Absolique Hair Health Clinic demonstrate the presence or absence of the different signs and locations on the scalp representing the hair cycle and Female Pattern Thinning which is the same as Male Pattern Thinning.
Women Hair Loss Treatments Diagnosis includes:
• Consultation with family and medical history
• Microscopic diagnosis
• Hair cycle examination
• Check for presence of Pattern Thinning
• Explanation of related symptom and causes
• Natural Hair Loss Treatment options
Once there is an accurate diagnosis you can select from the various Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Thinning Treatments available with knowledge that you can re-grow hair once you understand why it happened. Absolique Hair Health Clinic only recommend Natural Hair Loss Treatments.
To book your microscopic diagnosis ‘Hair Health Check’ contact reception on 07 3229 3242. Hair Health Check takes up to 75 minutes and please don’t wash your hair for 2 days before your appointment. Cost is 0 and is the best value so you understand the truth about hair loss and hair thinning once and for all.

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