The Modern Rapunzel: Natural Secrets for Ending Hair Loss E-Book

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Written by a woman for women, this friendly, lively and spirited book enlightens and educates women on how to have beautiful, healthy hair and abundant health, naturally. Its a book every woman can relate to. Its engaging style, free of complex technical terminology is enlivened by the author’s stories of her personal hair disasters and recovery, resulting in a head of hair much thicker and more beautiful than before. Not only does this book provide invaluable tools and exact techniques on how to reverse hair loss naturally and grow a beautiful, thick head of hair, but over and over again readers have said The Modern Rapunzel goes way beyond that. As we know, hair loss can seriously affect a womans self-confidence and make her feel less like her true self. Here, life tools are illuminated to help each woman reach out in life, as herself, living her innate power, helping her move more and more from introversion to shining self-confidence. This book helps her reclaim what is rightfully hers; her own certainty. Readers are saying The Modern Rapunzel is the best book on hair loss theyve ever read. It has it all. This book has truly been written with unconditional love. The tools and procedures are very simple and in their sweet simplicity, very powerful.

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