Solution for Women Hair Loss – Laser Hair Therapy

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Women hair loss is a difficult obstacle to over come. Karen is a perfect example of how there is a solution for you. Karen has two chronic medical conditions and two autoimmune conditions, one of which being lupus. As a woman, hearing that one of the symptoms is hair loss, is very worrisome and Karen was not an exception of that. After coming in to Transitions of Indiana and had her private and confidential hair and scalp analysis, she felt hopeful that there was in fact a solution for her to regain her hair with FDA approved Laser Hair Therapy. “I started out with the Laser treatments and the results just came in super super fast”. Even with undergoing chemo therapy, Karen was still able to maintain her results with specialized products and home treatments. “I was over the moon because I did not think that my hair would come back period and for it to have those great results, that quick, I was over the moon!”.

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