Post Pregnancy Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

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Post Pregnancy Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

Post partum alopecia is a part of every pregnancy and should not be of concern as long as your hair is growing properly to begin with. Post Pregnancy Treatments for Hair Loss in Women may be needed when there is an existing hair cycle problem or the hair is not growing properly resulting in hair thinning, diffuse hair loss (hair loss from all over the scalp). Post partum alopecia can be quite devastating when you are not prepared for it or understand that simple, effective and natural Post pregnancy Treatments for Hair Loss in Women are available.
As with all forms of diffuse hair loss the rules are that the hair will fall 3 months after the event, will continue to fall for 3 months and should begin growing back within 9 months. For pregnancy the triggers are 3 months after the baby is born, 3 months after your menstrual cycle resumes or 3 months after you stop breast feeding. Whatever the trigger for you, it will happen because in the last trimester of pregnancy your normal daily quota of hair fall, 70 -160 do not fall but remain in the growing phase. So when the diffuse hair loss is happening for 3 months you can expect to lose up to 140 – 320 hairs per day.
Avoiding to wash your hair will not stop the hair loss as many women believe. This avoidance behavior of not washing or brushing your hair can cause other problems of the scalp such as scalp scale, oily scalp, itchy scalp, tight scalp, sensitive scalp and blockages of the hair follicle. Following this procedure during post partum alopecia, post pregnancy hair loss every time you wash your hair (minimum twice a week, maximum once a day) will help you to maintain a healthy scalp:
• Scalp Brush Therapy
• Scalp Cleansing (not with a hair shampoo)
• A topical solution such as Activance to help stabilize the hair cycle and stimulate new hair growth
During this time one must ensure proper nutrition so when the hair returns back to its cycle the cell forming the new hair has all it requires to grow your normal hair. 99% of new mothers forget to nourish themselves and have deficiencies following the pregnancy because most of the mothers’ nutrients are going to the baby. Things to look out for are 60 Essential Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids Omegas 3-6-9 in the right ratio and vitamins, all of the fat soluble and water soluble vitamins are required to interact with the minerals and essential fatty acids. Finding these essential elements through your food can be challenging so you can use safe and proven supplements to top up where needed in a pH alkaline body for effective absorption.
Absolique Hair Health Clinic are happy to answer any questions you have about Post Partum Alopecia and how to prepare for it and recover from it with many choices available from simple topical treatment to nutritional therapy or combination therapy for the biggest impact which ensures you hair and health returns quickly after pregnancy.

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