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The tribes and The ethnic groups of Africa number in the thousands, each generally having its own language (or dialect of a language) and culture. The ethnolinguistic groups include various Afro-Asiatic, Indo-European, Khoisan, Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan populations .
More of tribes in our world we don’t know about them any thing such as Sanema Women in The Mountain of Mystery or African Hamar Tribes life – Rituals of Hamar Tribe at Ethiopia or African Primitive Tribes Rituals and Ceremonies: Arbore Tribe, MURSI TRIBE, Hamar Ethiopia or Last remnants tribes in the Africa,The Hunting for life of tribes in the rain forest or Primitive tribes in the heart of the Kalahari Desert with initiation ritua or Nova The Lost Tribes of Philippine or Tribe life Namibian tribe at Africa Himba culture or Tribal Journeys The Murs or Amazon Rain Forest Yanomami .
Nudity, or nakedness, is the state of wearing no clothing . The wearing of clothing is a predominantly human characteristic arising from functional needs such as protection from the elements and from cold temperatures, after the loss of body hair, and migration to colder regions. The amount of clothing worn depends on functional considerations, such as a need for warmth, as well as social circumstances. In some situations, a minimum amount of clothing or none at all may be considered socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing may be expected. Social considerations involve issues of modesty, decency and social norms, besides other considerations, and these may depend on the context. There may also be legal considerations .
Tribes in Africa & South America ★Magia Nuda★
Documentary 1 – Episode 9 .
This documentary is about tribes in Africa and South America who turn toward magic as a means of survival and way of life. The Mundari tribe in Africa herd cattle but do not slaughter them for meat. They make use of the cattle urine as an insect repellent and shower underneath their cows. They also use the dung as a body covering to further thwart insects and pest. The cattle are so prized to the Mundari that they are treated as a member of the family and a number of Mundari are shown puffing into the cattle’s vagina to encourage an early birth. A hunt is then shown where the Mundari are able to bring down mighty Elephants and Giraffes with ease. Yet unlike sport hunters they hunt merely for survival and pay respect to the beast before eating them orDassanach Tribal Women of Ethiopia Dancing .
the Zulu are an African ethnic group whose members live mainly in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, which lies between the Indian Ocean to the east and the Drakensberg mountain range to the west. The Zulus are also the most popular tribe in Africa.
The Dinka tribe is another group who praise their cattle but they bleed the cows and mix it in their milk to help sustain tribes during periods of hunger. They also migrate to different areas along the Nile as to not over consume their pastures.
there are same traditions with amazon tribe or Native Americans but in some of it or African Primitive Tribes Rituals or Amazon Rain Forest Yanomami .

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