Minoxidil For Women Review 2015 : Provillus Hair Loss Treatment For Ladies

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Provillus Hair Loss Treatment For Women

You don’t often hear about the fact that women lose their hair. Almost all the ‘publicity’ with respect to hair loss is about men and about male pattern baldness. Well, let me assure you that women too can suffer from hair loss. I am a true example of this!

Over the past year I’d been suffering from hair loss. I first noticed it when I was changing the bed sheets and noticed more hair than usual lying on my pillow. I jokingly mentioned to my husband that he was sleeping with someone when quizzing him about the hair on the pillowcase. He just shrugged and told me I was getting old and perhaps I should consider investing in a wig.

Joking aside though, I really started to panic about my hair loss because I was noticing hair all over the apartment – on the pillow, in the sink, in my brush, on the floor… That’s when I really began to consider my options and that’s when I came across a product called Provillus.

I decided to do some online research and read a few reviews about this particular hair loss solution – Provillus for women. I made the choice to try it for myself because the reviews were extremely positive. I didn’t have much to lose, and really, I had so much to gain, so why not?

Minoxidil, which is the key ingredient in Provillus, so I learned, is the sole FDA-approved drug for hair loss. Furthermore, not only can this drug stop hair loss but it also is able to encourage new hair growth.
All the same, I opted to consult with my doctor prior to using the product just to be sure that I didn’t have any particular medical problems that were causing my hair loss. After that though, I was keen to get started, and within a mere matter of a couple of months of using Provillus, I started to see some very positive results. Do be aware however that it can take a few months before any results are witnessed.

My hair was growing back and I also noticed that there was far less hair drop than before. To say that was a relief is of course an understatement. I was overwhelmed with joy! No more need to panic, and no more jokes from my husband about my age. As a matter of fact, I told him that he should try it since his hair is now receding rather badly. And I do believe he’s taken my advice to heart.
If you too are suffering from hair loss to any extent, I can and do highly recommend Provillus to you!


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