Hairline Lowering Needs at Least Two Hair Transplants for Natural Density and Graft Survival

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A young lady asks if she is a candidate for a hair transplant, not because she is losing hair, but because she wants to lower her hairline to improve the aesthetics of her face. She says she has a gap in her forehead, which she describes as a reverse widow’s peak. She only wants this small area covered, not a lowering of her entire hairline.

In this video, New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews her photos of her forehead, and details what a hairline lowering hair transplant involves:

1:24 – Dr. Prasad performing hair transplants for over 20 years, and how he founded a non-surgical hair transplant alternative founded on healing hair transplant surgeries
1:58 – The importance of determining hair loss first, or hair loss progression.
2:28 – Stabilizing hair loss progression in women and improving hair density such as using Hair Regeneration
2:48 – Why achieving a hairline that blends well means achieving natural-looking hair density
3:36 – Why natural hair density can’t be achieved in a single transplant since transplanted hair needs a certain amount of scalp skin to survive
4:20 – Why the donor area likely has enough hair to cover an area since it is not related to pattern hair loss, but density still can’t be achieved in one transplant, so at least two hair transplants are needed
5:06 – How using the Hair Regeneration treatment with a hair transplant increases graft survival, and also improves healing of the donor area
5:18 – How Hair Regeneration can still be used soon after a hair transplant to improve results
5:47 – The importance of meeting with the actual surgeon when considering a hair transplant
6:23 – Hairline lowering will need to consider two surgeries over a couple of years for natural density
6:32 – How to view improved facial proportion before committing to hair transplants to lower the hairline

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