Hair Transplant Forum SCAM …I Bet You Don’t Know

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Most people visit hair transplant forums prior to deciding to have surgery. It seems like the logical choice of where to go to get unbiased results and opinions from past patients. I know I did. Something always seemed fishy to me though. Many of the surgeons featured and discussed on these sites are excellent. But I’ve recently discovered that the featured and discussed surgeons on many of the most popular hair loss forums aren’t always as transparent and unbiased as the “patients” commenting on these websites might prefer you to believe.

Watch my entire hair journey in one playlist:

If you’re struggling with hair loss and considering transplant surgery I highly suggest you call my friend Steve Cook (the big guy in this video). He can help you find the best hair solution to suit your needs, and give you a list of the best available options. Steve is a great wealth of information , and he’s the most knowledgable and honest person I’ve met in the hair restoration business. You’ll learn a ton when you speak with him.

Steve Cook:
Mobile phone: +1 (305) 416-8418

David DiMuzio Online: (Follow …my personal page)

PS: I don’t use Minoxidil or Finasteride. I personally feel there are too many negative side effects from both. Though I know people who use both and are happy with them. The only thing I use to maintain my hair is a laser hat. I use one every other day, and I highly recommend that all guys buy one as they are FDA approved and scientifically PROVEN to help strengthen your hair, maintain it, and in many cases even re-grow it. The best part is that there are no negative side effects, only an upside. Here’s the hat I personally use, and thanks to my recent partnership with iRestore you get a 0 off coupon if you use this link below and the code promo code: REGROWTH150 –

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