Hair Loss Treatments For Women & Men | Expert Tips

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Sometimes you may be seeing more hair in your brush than normal for several reasons. Hair lossis a very common problem.

Vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, menopause stress and stress are all culprits of hair loss. If a medical condition is causing your hair loss, it may need to be treated. If your hair fall is not that severe, adding special minerals and vitamins might be the solution.

Glamrs Recommends: VITAMINS

– Some Vitamin tablets available over the counter are:
Keraglo, Perfectil, Radiance-h and Follihair New.

These should be taken once a day until you notice your hair fall reduce. Sometimes lack of Vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss.

– Along with this the currently available gels, lotions and lotions also work. There are some great alcohol free products available over the counter which does not cause any irritation tp the scalp.

Glamrs Recommends: LOTIONS & SPRAYS

Some great alcohol free products available over the counter are Q-Sera, Bioexedil, Renocia Spray and Bontress Lotion.

The season is coming up and it’s time to look our best, you can seek best hair care solutions and restore your hair back to its original glory!

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