Hair Loss and Regrowth: Recovering from Alopecia (with before and afer pics)

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I share some photos of my mum’s recovery from alopecia, along with detailing the products that we used.

“Fungal infection cream” – Miconazole Nitrate: average price £2.75 for 30g |
Cons: Difficult to apply on thicker hair, can give headaches.
Effectiveness: We didn’t find this effective, no growth noticed

Mega-Tek: average price £20 for 473ml |
Cons: Expensive to use as a conditioner, difficult to apply only to scalp if you have thick hair, increased hair shedding
Effectiveness: mildly effective, some growth noticed

Sulphur Oil Mix – 250ml of carrier oil (we used castor oil) with 1/2 table spoon of sublimed sulphur: average price of sulphur powder £2.50 for 100g |
Cons: very smelly, some scalp irritation
Pros: Easy to apply with applicator bottle
Effectiveness: moderate, definite growth noticed

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: average price 236ml for £13.99 |
Cons: a bit expensive
Pros: ease of application
Effectiveness: very effective, stubborn patches also showing growth

(Rosemary, thyme, cedarwood and lavender essential oils) |
Hay, I.C., Jamieson, M., Ormerod, A.D. (1998). Randomized trial of aromatherapy successful treatment for alopecia areata. Archives of Dermatology, 134, 1349-1352.

(Japanese cypress/hinoki essential oil) |
Lee, G.S., Hong, E.J., Gwak, K.S., et al. (2010). The essential oils of chamaecyparis obtuse promote hair growth through the induction of vascular endothelial growth factor gene. Fitoterapia, 81, 17-24.

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