Get Women Pregnant | How to Get Women Pregnant Step By Step Guide

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This Video which is entitled as ” Get Women Pregnant | How to Get Women Pregnant Step By Step Guide ” which will help to better understand that how to get women pregnant.

Try When You Are Young: Biology states that men find it hard to get a girl pregnant after 40 years.After 50 sperm count decreases drastically.

Avoid Drinking : Drinking have adverse effects on your sperm count as it causes impotency.Do not have more than 5 drinks per week.

Avoid Smoking : Nicotine has very adverse effects on Sperm count.It reduces the sperm count and cause impotency so avoid smoking.

Keep Your Body Temperature Cool: Testicles are designed to work in moderate temperature.Elevated temperature of the body also decreases sperm count.Avoid hot tubing most of the time. Don’t place laptops and other electronics on your groin.

Be Careful About Your Work Out: Long bicycling and pressure from bicycle seat overheats sperms.Choose a type of exercise that doesn’t put pressure on the testicles.

Avoid prescriptive drugs: Avoid Anti-depressants and drugs for hair loss as they have adverse effects on your sperm count.Other similar drugs also have adverse effects.

Sex more than 3 times a week: Have sex with your partner more than 3 times a week.This increases the chances for a woman to conceive.

Reduce Stress in life: Stressed condition also decreases your sperms performance.Over stress can result in impotency or decreasing sperm count.It has adverse effects on females as well.
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