Educational trainings – by Dr. Vladimir Gordin – 26 (Stretch Marks/Wrinkles/Scars: A Reality Check!)

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Stretch Marks, Wrinkles and Scars: A Reality Check!
Dr. Gordin discusses Physiology and Pathology of Stretch Marks:
Why men and women develop stretch marks?
Why pregnant women develop stretch marks?
Why teenagers develop stretch marks?
If you develop stretch marks, what’s does it mean?
What are the available treatments and procedures to get read off stretch marks, wrinkles and scars?
Taken from Dr. Gordin’s lecture “What Every Woman Must Know – Lecture DVD – by Dr. Vladimir Gordin”
In Western Culture, Alternative Medicine has gained an enormous mainstream following over the last two decades, but its principals are rooted in centuries of practice across every continent and woven through all cultures. In fact, so much information has been passed through the ages, how is one to know what is safe, effective, and realistic for their health needs? And what of the information is more folklore and fairytale than fact? What Every Woman Must Know is an everyday health guide specifically designed for the healing needs of women. Dr. Vladimir Gordin achieves a synergy between modern scientific medicine and the rich tradition of home remedies rooted in the abundance of nature and the often-overlooked mind/body connection. Informative, captivating, intuitive, uplifting, and thorough ? here is the only health guide modern women will ever need……………..In What Every Woman Must Know, Doctor Vladimir Gordin presents the case for alternative medicine for women as well as any I have seen. This is an engaging and optimistic overview of how modern science and alternative medicine can best be used in concert to achieve wellness. What Every Woman Must Know is about women, an also for everyone who seeks a better understanding of the pitfalls of modern medicine and the true path to whole body healing. Editor-in-Chief of Enlightenment Lifestyle Magazine, Ted Wentworth ………….According to Chiropractic, there are three sides to the health equation, forming what is called the ‘health triangle’. These sides comprise the Structural (or the physical), the Chemical, and the Mental or Emotional aspects. More books and DVDs by Dr. Gordin will explore this complex topic in more detail.

Also available: “What Every Woman Must Know” Book by Dr. Vladimir Gordin

Also available: “Phase I Starts Today – Your Diet, Your Health, Your Life” – Lecture DVD – by Dr. Vladimir Gordin—part-ii—chemical-components-session-1-lecture-dvd-starring-dr-vladimir-gordin-
Dr. Gordin gives a complete lecture on proper eating habits and his version of the Phase I and Phase II diets with examples and demonstrations. Dr. Gordin describes in depth all available diets in today’s market with explanations of what works and what doesn’t. Learn how to eat properly, stay healthy, and keep your weight under control……In this lecture Dr. Gordin talks about the history of human diet. What is the human diet today? What is phase I diet and how does it work. Phase I diet as universal diet for everyone who wants to be healthy.
Also available Dr. Gordin’s lecture Beauty and Health (Russian) (Красота и здоровье) – Lecture DVD – by Dr. Vladimir Gordin
In this lecture Dr. Gordin discusses, demonstrates and suggest treatments for such wide range of cosmetic issues such as: Dry Skin, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Acne/Pimples, Varicose/Spider Veins, Hair Loss/Excessive Hair Growth, Weak/Brittle Nails and much more………………………………………………………………………………………… Тема женской красоты – тонкий лед. Кажется, в какую сторону для обсуждения ни поверни – везде свои особенности и обстоятельства, которые на них влияют. Создается впечатление, что и речи быть не может о единых выводах и советах для всех, причем это мнение усердно подпитывается сторонниками «неповторимой уникальности каждого человека», которая базируется на «богатом внутреннем мире»

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