David DiMuzio LIED!!! and other Youtube Hair Transplant Influencers

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David DiMuzio is a Youtube hair transplant influencer, and he just lied.

There are several regular content creators on Youtube that focus on sharing hair transplant and hair loss information. This is great, but there are no checks and balances to help you distinguish between accurate information and information that is the complete opposite of true.

I started my Youtube channel in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2015 that I got serious about it when I started documenting my visits to various hair restoration clinics in Europe and the United States. I then started Hair Transplant Class and got a new motivation to invest in and learn more about video production.

My history with hair loss started when I was 17 years old, in high school, in 1987. I was told during a lunch break that I was going to go bald by a classmate, in front of my other classmates. In 1992 I had my first of two mini-micro graft procedures and proceeded to not only go completely bald but with a pluggy transplanted hair line as well. It wasn’t pretty.

But in 2002 I had my first repair hair transplant and my world changed. I became obsessed with modern hair restoration and decided to document my experience, thus becoming the first hair transplant blogger. I then wound up working for the doctors at Hasson & Wong and I’ve been a professional in the industry ever since.

I’ve spent countless hours in hundreds of hair transplant surgeries with some of the top doctors in the world. I’ve personally performed at least ten thousand hair transplant consultations, both in person and online, and I set the standards for how better clinics document hair transplant results with hair transplant before after photos and hair transplant video. In summary, when I go to various hair restoration conferences around the world, people know who I am.

David DiMuzio on the other hand is a singer songwriter and has a following of nearly 200,000 subscribers on Youtube, most of which are in the Phillipines because they like his music. His primary job for the past few years has been a cruise ship entertainer and when he’s in between sailing jobs he’s in Nashville, Tn trying to convince people he’s a self made millionaire with his self help videos. I’m not going to dispute his “millionaire claim” but judging by his surroundings and his attire, I have my doubts. In fact, the suit jacket you see in the thumbnail image is the same suit jacket he wears in all of his videos where he’s wearing a suit jacket, and it does look like it even fits him as the sleeves are too long and the shoulders are a bit too broad. I know a lot of millionaires and all of them wear clothes that fit.

Part of David DiMuzio’s Youtube channel also has to do with his personal journey regarding his hair transplant experiences. I think that, mostly, this is great, but he’s taken upon himself to share a little more than his experience should allow. Much of his information that is presented as fact, is nothing more than opinion and most likely the opinion of his current clinic. There is nothing wrong with this but some of the information he’s sharing is flat out wrong.

The worst part however is that he feels the need to not only publicly mention one specific clinic but to do so with negative and defamatory information that also happens to be flat out wrong. In fact, one of the things he’s saying is a lie, a lie that he knows is a lie, and it is simply shocking to me that he felt the need to share it.

That is the motivation for this video. It’s time that I take the BS out of some of his comments and share the truth. I have no personal problems with David DiMuzio. He seems talented, he seems like he’s got ambitions and just wants to make his way in life like the rest of us, but he shouldn’t try to do so by making things up. The problem when you do this on Youtube is that someone will see it and contradict you.

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No changes were made to the track except for cutting.

You can listen to the track here. It’s awesome!

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