Chest hair transplant and laser therapy helps restore hair

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A local dad is one of the first in the Tri-State to try a combination therapy that for some, could be a breakthrough in treating baldness.

The dad says that he’s having a lot of “good hair days” since he began the combination procedure.

A team at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center are one of the first in the country to offer it and there may be a way that you could get at least part of it at no charge.

It all started with a transplant using chest hair.

“I don’t know anyone that hair loss doesn’t bother,” said

Mark Lucas was awake and alert for his transplant. He let Local 12 go inside the procedure room to watch a team of specialists, led by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, took tiny hairs from Mark’s chest to transplant on to the head.

“So eventually you have normal texture just like the scalp hair,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

It is tedious work, and a five-hour procedure, where the tiny follicles are carefully extracted before they are transferred.

There is good news though.

“The risks are extremely low,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

The bad news (if there is any) is this: “You begin to see growth almost immediately and in a way it looks almost like a chia pet,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn. “It’s sort of like a grass and seeds.”

To see if the “Chia Pet effect” was true, Local 12 checked in a few weeks later. Sure enough, you could see and feel a little bit of stubble in the area.

Mark is thrilled with his results so far.

“I’m actually responding quicker than normal,” said Mark.

While he won’t have a full head of hair for a while… “We generally tell patients it’s about six to eight months where they’ll really begin to notice the growth from the transplant,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

Mark credits his advanced success to what is called a “Capillus Laser Cap,” which is a baseball style cap using tiny lasers worn about 30 minutes at a time to “nourish the scalp.”

The Capillus laser technology is backed by clinical trials and cleared for the treatment of hair loss by the Food and Drug Administration for home use.

It’s not painful, just bright.

“It’s a little bit warm,” said Mark.

Local 12 and Liz Bonis will follow up when Mark sees more growth and as he continues to use the cap.

As for the reaction of family and friends to how he looks so far, this dad and husband simply says:

“They love me regardless, I just did this for me, I’ve got hair, I just wanted a little bit more,” said Mark.

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