Baldness Cure for Temples Using NO Medications: 10 month Update

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This video shows a slideshow of my 10 month temples hair growth process with NO medications only using natural methods. My current regimen consists of the following:

1. Dermarolling – once every 2 weeks. 60 vertical and 60 horizontal strokes applying moderate pressure
2. Deep massage (detumescence therapy) using hands, rubber scalp massager, and plastic vitamin bottle – 20 minutes almost everyday
3. Topical magnesium oil – used sporadically
4. Healthly diet (no wheat, grains, refined carbs and sugars, etc.) – 6 days out of the week
5. Back inversion machine – 6 minutes almost everyday
6. Bristle boar tapping/brushing – 110 strokes once every 2 weeks
7. Apple cider vinegar – used 1-2 times a week leaving it on overnight. No shampoos

My temples have regrown about 70%-90% and my crown about 80%. The main contributor was using a 1.5mm dermaroller. The dermaroller is an effective simple tool to stimulate follicle neogenesis (reformation of stem cells) which is VITAL for igniting the hair REGROWTH cycle.

If you want to see my crown results, please check this slideshow and let me know your thoughts:

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