An end to hair loss and balding? An Israeli patent enables home treatment – and hair is reborn.

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Almost all of us suffer from hair loss or balding during our lifetime and many of us look for creative ways to to restore lost hair. Now it is possible to put an end to hair loss and balding, with an Israeli patent presenting a technological device for home treatment – and hair is reborn.
Hair loss and balding are common phenomenon in the western world and billions of men and women suffer from them. Now, an innovative technological development of the Pilogics start up company led by Professor Dov Ingman, brings with it a fresh breath of air to those suffering from thinning hair, hair loss and balding – genetic balding (androgenetic alopecia) as well. All this using a safe and particularly comfortable home use device.
The Pilogics device is comfortable and easy to use, it combines 3 treatment mechanisms in every use: Electrical, biochemical and mechanical actions. Daily home treatment stimulates dormant hair follicles, encourages blood flow to the follicles and rehabilitates the support systems of hair regrowth.
And the result? Hair is reborn. fragile vellus hair becomes thicker and stronger, dormant follicles reanimate and start growing hair, existing hair becomes thicker and the scalp slowly begins to fill up with healthy hair.
Clear and guaranteed results: 30% improvement in 4 months of use.
The revolutionary development became a successful start up and today the device named Hairegen Classic is sold in worldwide.
In Israel you can buy the device and get a performance guarantee. Every customer buying the device receives a guarantee of 30% improvement, using a calculation method that takes into account the thickness and amount of hair within 4 months of treatment with the device.
In order to ensure reaching the desired results, the customer is obligated to use the device at least 5-8 minutes per day for 4 months. At the time of purchase a TrichoScan test that counts and maps the amount and thickness of hair is performed using a computerized lab. After 4 months of use a second test is performed.
A customer that has met the use requirement and did not reach the minimal result of 30% improvement in amount and thickness of hair may return the device and get their money back.
All the advantages in one technology.
Against the backdrop of other solutions available in the market to date, including strong medication, shady clinics and many unbacked promises, the many advantages of the technology in the Hairegen classic are apparent:
First and foremost, the results of using the device are clear and beyond expectations. The device encourages the body to regrow hair, improve the condition of hair and rejuvenate it. The combination of treatment mechanisms (Biochemical, electrical and mechanical) brings clear evidence of improvement – in 4 months of use, a cumulative 30% improvement in thickness and amount of hair is guaranteed.
Secondly, the Hairegen is a home use device, easy and comfortable to operate. The comfortable home treatment allows for efficient independent treatment continuity without leaving home. In addition, the treatment is not dependent on a therapist, person or clinic. The sophisticated device notifies about the time and quality of treatment as well.
Treatment with Hairegen Classic allows focused care that works directly on the thinned, balding or shedding area, unlike supplements or medication that work on the entire body and are not targeted to a specific area. In contrast to other existing solutions, the treatment with Hairegen Classic is external and thus has no side effects such as allergies or different sensitivity’s.

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