Alopecia Areata – My Hair Loss Journey (with pictures) 2013

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Alopecia Areata is a common form of hair loss in men and women. It is a problem that most black women – African American Women- suffer with. I naturally cured myself from alopecia areata. I was also a sufferer for many years. My doctor told me once got alopecia I will always have alopecia. My hair will continue to fall out. Well…I proved him wrong and hopefully many other ladies will be able to do the same. I hope this helps any sufferers.

I will be showing you pictures of the progression of the alopecia hair loss, as well some pictures where you can see the hair growing back.

This is what my 4c hair looks like 4 month after I did my big chop. I am still alopecia free & it’s getting thicker!

Watch My Big Chop Video Here:

I Did My Final Big Chop- March 26 2013
Why Did I Big Chop?- Due To shedding/hair loss/alopecia/damaged hair
Hair Goals?- I would like to grow my hair for 3 years without cutting it off again

alopeciafreewithjass xox

To see what my hair looked like Before My Big Chop:

To see what my hair looked like After my Big Chop:

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Alopecia Stimulation Video:

Also if you were apart of my previous channels “NapswithJass or Behindthemom” my sincere apologies.

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