5 Causes Of Hair Loss In Women – Hair Fall Reasons You Should Know

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in this video, you will see 5 Causes Of Hair Loss In Women and everyone should know hair fall reasons.
1. Genetic.
History of hair loss in the family is very often the cause of hair fall in women.
Such hair loss is usually female pattern baldness. Every individual loses hair every day but the problem arises when it does not grow back.

Some hormonal changes lead to hair loss in women. These changes can occur during pregnancy, birth control, problems of thyroid and menopause.
In case of some temporary hormonal changes such as pregnancy, the start of hormonal contraception or thyroid problems, the hair grows back as soon the hormonal processes return to normalcy.

3.Diet deficiencies.
Women can lose hair when they lose weight rapidly due to the deficiency in the diet.
This is one of the reasons why crash diets are inadvisable. The diets low in protein and iron make the hair thin.
If lack of proper nutrient intake is the cause of hair loss, it can be reversed by improving the diet and replenishing those nutrients.

Stress is linked to hair loss and hair growth. Emotional and physical stress can both be a cause of hair loss.
There is a particular condition called trichotillomania. These individuals try to pull their hair out from time to time and leave a bald patch on their head.

5.Immunity problems
Conditions affecting the immune system can cause hair loss. Alopecia areata is a condition that affects the body’s immune system in which the hair follicles are attacked.

For a woman to lose her hair would mean the end of the world. The end of the long locks, beautiful curls, and the silky smooth shadow song deserves better treatment.

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