Wig Wearers Empowerment Day to Share Positive Wig Experiences During Hair Loss

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We’re thrilled to announce that on Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at Van Nuys City Hall, in Los Angeles, CA, Godiva’s Secret Wigs was acknowledged for the creation of Wig Wearers Empowerment Day!
What is Wig Wearers Empowerment Day?
This day provides men, women and children a special day to share their positive thoughts about wigs with coworkers, friends and family members.
What can I do on this day?
Wear your wig! Share the importance of wigs, not just for fun and costumes, but to provide an environment of acceptance which allows wig wearers the freedom to blend into society everyday, feeling natural and attractive, without embarrassment or ridicule.
Where do I share?
*At work
*At your place of worship
*With your friends
*Around the dinner table
*Wherever there’s a group of people
*Take pictures of yourself in your wig and post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Why share?
Everyday, women, men and children the world over are devastated by a sudden loss of their hair for reasons including, but not limited to chemotherapy for cancer treatment, alopecia areata, thyroid, emotional and/or physical stress, sudden weight loss and even the environment. By sharing your wig experiences on Wig Wearers Empowerment Day, you are taking a stand in a powerful, positive direction to help new wig wearers feel more confident and know they aren’t alone.
Godiva’s Secret Wigs Mission
The mission of Godiva’s Secret Wigs, founded in 1997 by Rochelle Holt and her daughter, Danielle Starkman, is to empower people, step by step, through some of the most challenging times in their lives – the times of partial or total hair loss.
By providing uplifting wig education, one on one support, tender loving care and respect, and even a hint of fun, Godiva’s Secret Wigs has had the privilege of helping tens of thousands of people reconnect with their reflection and self confidence, even without their own hair. Simply put, wigs magically become a person’s best friend during a most traumatic time in their life.

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