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Does minoxidil help in hair regrowth?

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan explains which are the different forms of minoxidil & how to use minoxidil. Forms of minoxidil are available such as lotion, foam & gel. In minoxidil lotion form dropper or spray available for apply minoxidil. Then how to apply with dropper take 0.5ml start applying minoxidil from Crown area.If you are having thinning only in the front area then you can start from the front. But if you are having extensive baldness then start with Crown area. Also, you can use spray instead of dropper spray contents 0. 2 ml of minoxidil so if you apply 5 sprays then it will be approximately 1 ml. A foam having some advantage over lotion it doesn’t dribble. How to apply foam, shake the bottle well take the half cup apply on the dry scalp in the morning rub it couple of times. Take 1 gram gel on fingertip apply first on Crown area then frontal area and then mild scalp at morning and night.

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