PRP Alone after a Hair Transplant will Help it Heal, but will Not Stop Hair from Thinning

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A 44-year-old gentleman had a Neograft hair transplant with 1700 follicular units implanted, as well as PRP injections to treat his thinning hair. He asks how many times per year he would need platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

Most doctors who treat thinning hair with PRP injections administer the treatment once a month. However, PRP by itself does not thicken thinning hair, nor does it stop hair loss, but it does have some effectiveness in hair growth. New York hair restoration specialist Dr. Amiya Prasad explains in this video how a PRP combination treatment can stop progressive hair loss by thickening thinning hair in only treatment:

1:10 – Treatment center to stop hair loss and thicken hair non-surgically for both men and women using a PRP combination treatment
2:10 – PRP medical applications before it was used in hair loss treatment
2:52 – Dr. Prasad’s extensive experience in PRP treatment as a cosmetic surgeon
3:18 – The benefits of PRP in healing hair transplants
3:36 – Why PRP alone can’t improve thinning hair
4:10 – Results of PRP combined with extracellular matrix (ACell) in stopping hair loss by thickening thinning hair
4:56 – PRP alone requires monthly injections with limited results
5:30 – How PRP alone works for hair growth
6:10 – How the PRP combination treatment has replaced hair transplants with even better hair density
8:03 – Why your hair will still thin and be lost with PRP treatment alone

To see more results of the Hair Regeneration treatment to thicken thinning hair, please go to:

For more information on Dr. Prasad’s background and training, please go to:

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