Product Review: MEN’S Hair Growth, Face and Body Treatment for Men by BOSSMAN 3 Bottles

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HAIR GROWTH: Well, no secret I need help in this area. At 38 I started losing my hair. It is just thinning so far without a defined bald spot, but it will get there. This product does not have a terrible smell, nor do you feel anything sensations after using. Does not affect hair styling. Have used it for about ten days and think I will continue to use it and see what happens long term.

FACE TREATMENT: I have psoriasis – it is such a pain. Flaky skin in hair and bridge or nose, in eyebrows, goatee and ears. I am always looking for ways to treat it or to make it look better when going out. But I also must make sure it doesn’t break me out as far as pimples or black heads, but I also have to make sure it does not start bothering the psoriasis. I have used this a few times at my temples, nose and other areas and have had no problems. I really like the smell of this product. It feels good going on and does not leave a greasy wet look to my skin.

BODY TREATMENT: With psoriasis on my face and scalp I also get patches of it on elbows, knees and other places on my body. I usually treat this with Vaseline but must watch it because it can get on clothes, leave a stain and look like some big dirty mark. This product I can put on and go out directly after without giving me any problems. This also has a great smell.

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