National Hair Centers

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At National Hair Centers, we understand the emotional toll hair loss takes on men and women. We’ve performed over 25,000 medical hair transplants and helped over 50,000 clients find a solution to hair loss. Additionally, NHC is internationally recognized as being the leader in hair restoration. We’ve been honored to receive many awards and recognitions for our contributions over the past 40 yrs.

WE have also been featured on many television news programs. Your hair can play an important role in how others look at you and how you look at yourself. For some, hair loss can have a devastating effect on their confidence, social lives, and even their careers.

Since 1975, National Hair Centers, the worlds largest hair restoration facility of its kind, and a founding member of Transitions International Group, has been internationally recognized as innovators in the art and science of hair loss and restoration. National Hair Centers offers all of the most effective hair loss procedures including: hair transplants, non-surgical solutions, FDA approved hair re-growth products and our exclusive three step laser hair therapy program. We are the only hair restoration center to offer all of these effective hair loss solutions.

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