My Weight Loss and Hair Growth Journey – Dawn Ali

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Everyone wants to lose weight and always search for inspiring weight loss stories. So watch out this video of weight loss and hair growth journey by Dawn Ali.

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Hey everyone. This is Dawn Ali, from and this is a video about the difference between my life before I lost weight and grew my hair to after I lost weight and grew my hair. What’s the difference between my life? How does that actually make a difference in my life? I guess I’ll start with the weight loss first and then I’ll go into the hair growth.

The difference is … First of all let me say it’s all for me, in my opinion, it’s just all positive. I don’t have any negative to go along with it as far as my life. There’s nothing to me, anything negative about it. With the weight loss, the positive benefits are of course, what you probably can imagine, is that it does increase your self confidence. What you probably can’t imagine is how much it actually can increase your self confidence. Not only just in the way that you look, but then just all areas of your life. It makes you more confident. The reason why is this. When you lose and keep off a significant amount of weight, the reason why it increases your confidence is because it is so hard. It requires so much discipline that by doing it, it’s like wow if I can do that, I can do anything. That to me is the main reason why it increases your confidence in all areas of your life.

Then of course, is also the way you look and then how you feel more energy, less aches and pains, and you just feel good and you just feel better. You feel better about yourself. That’s one main reason about the confidence with the weight loss, excuse me, but then there’s the other thing and that is going into the stores. Oh my God. I love, love, love, love, love being able to buy single digit clothes. Clothes that are under a size 10. I was a size 16 and so now I wear like a size 8. That is awesome. It had gotten to the point where I had actually pretty much stopped shopping, going to the malls. I just shopped online because it was so hard to find clothes that I liked that I decided that it’s easier just to search for them online instead of walking around the mall trying to find some store that would sell my size clothes and the clothes that I would like in my size. Now, it’s so easy. It just feels so great where I can just go into any store and just buy anything that I want and feel like I look good in it and feel very comfortable in it. That’s another huge benefit. That’s another thing that makes your life different. The ease and the freedom of just being able to shop where you want.

Then also too, what I find is what was different than before is that before when I was obese, let me just be honest I was obese, when I was obese and I would be with my thinner or anybody that was thinner than me, I would notice that it always seemed like … Let’s say we’re talking business or something like that. What I would notice is it always seemed like they would, in my opinion maybe it was just my own personal low self esteem, but I always felt like they would listen to and talk to more the person who would be with me who was thinner. So if I was with anyone that was thinner, then it seemed like they would be taken more seriously than me. They would be the person who would be the one that would be talked to for taking care of the business situation or whatever. Now, I don’t find that to be true. If I’m with someone else I find that now, I am the person that is looked at to talk to about business and being taken seriously. Those are main things when it comes to that.

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