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What’s good you guys? Today’s video is one of the most requested topics – HAIRCUTS for men! We have Shalini Samuel from Knot Me Pretty, bringing us a Bollywood Inspired video on Hairstyles and hair cuts. Everyone knows taht you’re supposed to select a haircut or a hairstyle according to YOUR face shape or face cut. But there’s a science behind this rule. Today we’ll talk about how to figure out your own face shape or face structure and also more about hairstyling rules for the 4 main face shapes – round face, oval face, square shaped face and triangular face shape. We’ll be referencing Aamir Khan, Virat kohli, Shahid Kapur, Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan and Farhan Akhtar in today’s video! They’re Bollywood examples of these face shapes – Perfect for us to explain where they chose a correct hair cut for their face and where they went wrong. This is our bollywood inspired 101 video on haircuts and hairstyles for Indian boys & men! Hit play, hit like! Hair cutting 101 😉

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