How to do Scalp Massages with Righteous Roots Hair Growth Oil

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Were you looking for a special oil for hair growth? Or to massage your scalp before you shampoo? Here comes Righteous Roots Hair Oil which is great for all hair types, men, women, children and even your parents! In just two months my hair is grown several inches with regular scalp massages with the Righteous Roots Hair Oil and I’m not kidding.

The greatest benefits of scalp massages include:

Increased Blood Flow,
A Conditioned Scalp,
Hair Loss Remedy for some,
Reduced Stress,
Hair Growth,
Decreased Hair Loss!

Why do scalp massages at all?
We place focus on our hair while neglecting our scalp and in reality, our scalp is an extension of our face and is vital to having healthy hair. We curlies benefit from using oils on our scalp because the natural sebum produced on our scalp make it hard to move down our hair strands.

Not only that, we have the environment to battle with as well that can affect our scalp, sometimes leading to dryness depending on the climate & where you live.

Sebum is our natural oil & its job is to protect our hair strands from the environment. So if one doesn’t have enough sebum, that’s where oils come to play.

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