Hair Transplant – Dr. Wong Provides Free Advice to Hair Loss Suffering Men and Women

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Dr. Jerry Wong provides free advice to hair loss suffering men and women considering hair transplant surgery.

Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.

“I think what they should do is get educated, check out as many resources as possible, check hair surgeons and their locality and more importantly, before they decide on getting it done, actually see some people who’ve had it done, with similar type of hair loss and see what it’s like in person. Have a look and then see and decide whether or not hair transplant surgery is right for them.”

Dr. Jerry Wong is a highly esteemed member of the Coalition of Hair Restoration Physicians and recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

To learn more about Dr. Wong, his experience, skill, philosophy and to see examples of his excellent hair restoration results, visit his Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center profile at

Dr. Jerry Wong
Hasson and Wong
1001 West Broadway, Suite 600
British Columbia
V6H 4B1

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