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Provillus Reviews

One of the worst days I’ve ever experienced was the day when I noticed my hairline and hairloss on the top of my head. My wife had mentioned this many times and I had just presumed that she was making a joke about it. But when I actually witnessed it in the mirror one morning just prior to going to work, there was a level of panic that set in. I didn’t ever imagine that I would suffer from baldness since my father still has a full head of hair and I had presumed I’d be just like he was.

All the same, I wanted to do something about my problem before it became worse and so I began to research the possibility for replacing hair and also for making hair healthier into the process.

I came across a hair loss solution called Provillus. The reviews were generally very positive and I learned that the active ingredient, which is called Minodoxil, is the only FDA-approved hair loss product on the market. Well, that was good enough for me, and I opted to make the investment there and then!

I was still sceptical, however. I mean, if this was a hereditary problem, how on earth would it be possible to reverse it? Surely there is little that can be done in this case? Nevertheless, I did read from other people that it had worked for them and with this in mind I tried to remain positive and hopeful.

Within the first few weeks of using Provillus, I didn’t notice any difference at all. It was not until after about two months that I started to see some positive results. Just to be sure though I asked my wife. She agreed – the bald spot that had crept up on me was that little bit smaller and she said she could see some new hair growing in the area where previously there was none.

You can imagine my joy! All of a sudden I felt my heart lighten. Seemingly, I would not have to suffer from baldness after all. What a huge relief it was!

With that said, for anyone else who is going through what I did and who is concerned about hair loss, I have no hesitation at all about recommending Provillus as a thoroughly effective hair loss solution. I suspect if it were not for Provillus, I’d likely still be searching for an effective cure to my problem!

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