Hair Loss Shampoo for Men — I Bought It

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Hair Loss Shampoo for Men — I Bought It

In this video blog, I visit Daisy’s shop, Beauty Reformings, at Cuppage Plaza Singapore.

My wife visits Daisy for ear candling and beauty fix.

For me, I am visiting Daisy to get her new Herbal Hair Treatment shampoo for men.

Here’s 3 reasons for hair loss:
1. Poor diet.
2. Stress.
3. Lack of sleep.

My hair seems to be getting less… maybe due to stress at work and lack of sleep.

I watch my diet very well, so I am sure my diet is not the cause of my hair loss.

Anyway, enjoy the video and get the soothing feel of Daisy’s shop… it is one that you want to visit again.

Beauty Reformings

Adrian Lee

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