3 Best Natural Home Remedies For ALOPECIA TREATMENT

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Proven home remedies for getting cure from ALOPECIA at home. WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW.

How many of us suffer from this embarrassing medical condition called alopecia? In simple language, we term this problem as baldness. This is an autoimmune decease that affects majority of the population, especially men. In this condition, people experience small bald patches all over the head. We all love our tresses and would hate to encounter this medical problem. 

Alopecia areata is a disease that makes hair fall out in small clumps, causing bald patches on your head. It occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles. You may suddenly lose hair on the scalp and other parts of the body. This condition doesn’t result in total hair loss. When hair grows back, it may   fall out again. The amount of hair loss varies from person-to-person. So does regrowth of hair

However, the best treatment for Alopecia would be natural home remedies that may help hair grow back quickly and also prevent future hair loss. 

Causes of alopecia:

1. White blood cells: White blood cells protect our body against any bacteria or foreign body. In alopecia, white blood cells gather around the hair follicles that are mistaken for foreign bodies. This in turn weakens the roots of the hair making them fall. Slowly bald patches are formed on the head.

2. Heredity: This auto immune decease is also due to the heredity factor. If someone in your family has this medical condition, then you too can develop this problem.

The major symptom of alopecia areata is hair loss are as follows:
1. Hair usually falls out in small bunches from the scalp. The bald patches that remain are several centimeters or less. Hair loss could also happen in other parts of the body. 

2. Now and then there is a little redness, mild scaling, slight burning or an itchy feeling on the bald patches. 
Sometimes people may experience excessive hair loss. This is usually because of another type of alopecia, such as: 

3. Alopecia totalis, which is the loss complete hair on the scalp. Alopecia universalism is another condition which leads to loss of all hair on the entire body 

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. This disease develops when the immune system thinks healthy cells are foreign substances.

However, it most often occurs with people who have a family history of other diseases, such as type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, genetics may be responsible for the development of alopecia areata. 

The Alopecia cure is a result of pure and safe home remedies, which are clearly shown in our video. They are effective and can produce excellent results. 
Home remedies for alopecia are explained below:

1. Coconut oil massage: Take some warm coconut oil and massage it onto the scalp for about 15-20 minutes. Leave it on for an hour and rinse. Do try out this alopecia cure twice a week for best results.

2. Indian Gooseberry (Amla): Take one tablespoon of amla powder and make a pulp out of it by mixing a little water. Mix this pulp with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Massage it onto the scalp properly. Cover with a shower cap and let it rest for 2-3 hours. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

3. Onion juice: Grate one onion and strain the juice out of it. Apply this juice onto the scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Finally rinse with cool water. This is yet again one of the best treatments for alopecia.

Treat alopecia the natural way! Try out these home remedies to get rid of alopecia and get back the healthy hair you always wanted.

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