Why is my hair thinning? Hair Loss Treatment for Women

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Why is my hair thinning? Can hair growth vitamins reverse my thinning and reduce my hair loss?

Nutrafol is a ‘smart’ hair growth vitamin supplement that help reduce stress and genetic related hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth with clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients. Nutrafol is a first-to-market natural hair growth vitamin that targets the the underlying causes of hair loss (stress hormones & DHT and more) and thinning hair with clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients. This next-generation hair growth supplement goes beyond traditional hair loss vitamins and biotin supplements. Female pattern hair loss, stress hair loss and more.

Nutrafol is a groundbreaking natural hair growth vitamin supplements that helps you combat the multiple root causes of hair genetic and stress related hair loss. Because research shows it’s not genetics alone, or the male hormone DHT, that compromises the state of your hair follicles. With ingredients specially designed to target the multiple triggers of hair loss, including blocking the DHT hormone without harmful side effects, Nutrafol restores your hair follicles and hair health, priming them to what they do best: regrow fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

Nutrafol is formulated with standardized botanical extractions that have been tested in multiple human clinical studies.These hair growth vitamins, alongside an essential mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, serve as the building blocks of healthy natural hair growth.The ingredients in Nutrafol in partnership with our patent-pending Synergen Complex, create an unprecedented, drug-free solution that fosters the production of stronger, thicker, fuller hair and new hair growth.

For long-term prevention of hair loss and hair regrowth, an integrative approach is key to hair transformation. Nutrafol’s 4-R process addresses each critical stage of healthy hair’s full restoration, using clinically tested potent therapeutic hair growth vitamins.

Using clinically tested, natural adaptogens Nutrafol hair growth supplements helps rebalance damaging levels of stress hormones and DHT in your body to minimize hair follicle damage.

Next, the repair process can begin restoring damaged hair follicles. Using patented, clinically tested antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, Nutrafol helps repair your hair follicles while fighting free radicals and inflammation in the hair root.

With patented natural ingredients to improve scalp circulation, Nutrafol helps revive your roots and jumpstart your hair’s growth cycle.

Now revitalized, your follicles are empowered to absorb the building blocks of hair again. Once your hair follicles are properly absorbing essential hair vitamins, minerals and amino acids, they return to their optimal state. This helps reactivate your hair’s growth cycle and enables you to grow fuller, healthier hair.

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