What are the causes of chronic hair loss and how to treat it? – Dr. Kavitha Mandal G V

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Where there is hair loss more than three months, its called chronic telogen effluvium.

The causes will be anemia, thyroid or other auto immune disorders like Lupus, SLE wouldn’t have been detected or taken care off adequately. Other systemic factors like internal serious illnesses like chronic renal failure, chronic hepatic failure, pancreatic disease and people who are taking medicines for other ailments like anti-coagulants, anti-retinoids, anti-metabolites for cancer, interferons, hormonal replacement therapy, etc.

Management of chronic telogen effluvium pertains to treating the cause. Treat the anemia, treat the thyroid, other auto immune disorders. For people who are on medications, ask them to stop the medicines if there is no requirement. Dietary habits should be checked, simple lifestyle modifications should be made – ask to sleep for eight hours, protection from pollutants, sunlight, sustained UV radiations.

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