USTI Testimonials – Atlanta 2015 2 Day | Certified Hair Loss Practitioner Jessica Davis

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2 Day Classes:
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The mission at US Trichology Institute (USTI®) is to empower hairstylists, beauty professionals, salons, spas, and other professionals with knowledge about hair loss and scalp disorders through an introduction to Trichology; to help you understand the emotional, psychological and physical symptoms of hair loss and how to manage your clients’ needs. We offer the business, marketing and product knowledge necessary to provide unparalleled customer service to your clients and to attract new client flow.

USTI® offers Trichology Education :

•Exceptional Trichology Course Materials
•Comprehensive Trichology Programs
•Affordable Investment for your Business
•Practical Trichology applications you can use
•Hair Loss Education with purpose and direction
•Top Trichology Educators in all fields
•Enhance your Practice OIfferings
•Build new Revenue Stream
•Trichology Certification
•Learn how to Apply your Knowledge Base to help your clients and gain new clients

Hair Loss Specialist 1 Day Class
Spend the day learning more on hair loss, hair loss treatment and the overall understanding of Trichology. Leave with the confidence and skills to move your business forward.

Hair Loss Practitioner 2 Day Class
Learn more about hair loss and the latest hair loss treatments, and gain a great overall understanding of trichology. Leave with the confidence and skills to move your business forward. Jump start your full Trichologist Certificate.

USTI® Trichologist Course
The US Trichology Institute’s full trichology program is an unprecedented step forward in trichology training. Based on up-to-date medical & trichology information, it includes most advanced treatment and treatment programs available anywhere in the world.

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