Sean Connery Hair Loss – What It Means To You

cures, treatment, medicine, medication, curing, eliminate, get rid of Alright, so you’re noticing that the hair line you had in that picture from 3 years ago isn’t quite the same. you are clearly starting to lose hair.

Does this mean you’re going to go bald? Who knows for sure. Well, a barber once told us that the hair you have on your head by 34 is pretty much the hair you’ll keep for most of your adult life.

How true is this? Is it just a barber’s myth? Does hairloss really halt at the age of 34?

To answer these questions, we decided to look at a man who’s traveled well past the 34 mark to see how his man mane made it through the years.

That’s right, in this video, we take a look at Sean Connery’s gradual hair loss to give you an idea of what you can expect for yourself as you get older.

Just remember one thing…even if you do lose your hair, there truly are worse things to deal with and being bald never stopped Sean Connery from being considered a sex symbol.

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