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My Name is Sid. I produce youtube videos to entertain you as much as I can, I like to upload whatever content I enjoy making and don’t have a niche, it’s all about what is fun for me, so if you enjoy the content I create then be sure to SUBSCRIBE to show your support

If you enjoyed some of the content and wish to help out please feel free to donate with the link below, your donations help out alot! Give me your pennies bro!

How can I get involved?
if you like my videos and wish to get involved with my uploads then be sure to have a great idea ready & you will most likely need a space for us to film because unfortunately, i can’t provide that at the moment. you will need to reside in London for us to film awesome content.

Where can I contact you?
Visit my page on facebook (Searching4Sid), you can let me know your thoughts, ideas, criticism and give some helpful advice to help improve my channel, also if you wish to take part in the videos you can let me know via my facebook page, if I approve of your awesome idea, surely we can work together to create cool content.

Why should I help you create content?
Helping me move forward with my youtube, will also help you move forward. You help me grow, I will help you grow, that’s as simple as it gets.

Why should I share your awesome content?
Well I know I am not the greatest youtuber but with great practice comes great production? I guess? if you had a laugh just take two seconds to help me gain something from my hard work, if you do not then, that is fine, your view is more than enough for me, but if you do, ill be able to give out prizes and other cool stuff in the future and you could be a lucky winner !

Do you have other social networks I could follow?
Well of course I do, just type Searching4Sid in google and you will see all my social networks. Here I’ll give you a short link below so you can subscribe/follow in no time!


Okay, that is it, for now, remember if you had fun and want to get involved, gives us a shout. Peace !

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