Prevent HAIR LOSS with GARLIC HAIR OIL | Fast Hair Growth in 30 days for Longer Thicker Natrual Hair

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Prevent HAIR LOSS with GARLIC HAIR OIL | Fast Hair Growth in just 30 days for Longer Thicker Natrual Hair

Garlic Oil for Hair

Note: Garlic oil is different from garlic essential oil! So don’t confuse between the two. Garlic essential oil is extremely powerful and can cause extreme skin irritation if used as a hair salve and if not properly diluted. Please use garlic-infused oil and NOT garlic essential oil when treating your scalp.

Garlic-infused oil can be used as a growth-promoting hair salve. Apply one tablespoon of garlic oil to your scalp and massage thoroughly, leave it on for 20 minutes or more and then rinse the oil out. This can be done two to three times per week or more often if you want.

How to Make Garlic Oil to Promote Hair Growth

You can easily make your own garlic-infused oil at home. Here’s how to do it:

Method 1: Simple Garlic Infusion for Hair

Nothing could be easier than this recipe for garlic oil—simply peel and mince garlic, then soak the garlic in warm (not hot) olive oil.

Use one tablespoon of olive oil per clove of garlic, and allow the mixture to steep for one to two weeks in the refrigerator before using.

Strain the minced garlic from the oil and use the oil as outlined above.

Be sure to store the oil in a dark glass container in the refrigerator in order to extend its life span and prevent spoiling.

Method 2: Garlic Infusion + Essential Oils for Hair Growth

This infusion contains more ingredients than the other method, but it offers a multi-faceted approach with an array of benefits due to the extra hair-friendly ingredients. You will need the following:

5 tablespoons of garlic infused oil (see method 1 above)
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of castor oil (which promotes hair growth)
1/2 teaspoon of rosemary essential oil (which also promotes hair growth)
10 drops of tea tree oil
5 drops of peppermint essential oil (which can also promote hair growth)
Mix the garlic infused oil with the remaining ingredients and shake well. Store in the refrigerator to keep the oil from spoiling.

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