Natural Hair Wash Day Routine for Hair Loss, Thinning #Hair, #Alopecia #NaturalHair feat. Groganics

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Hair Loss is something that if you have hair, you will experience in one way or the other. Today’s video shows a Natural Hair Wash Day routine showing Groganics Shampoo and Conditioner, DHT Blocker Products.

Many things can cause hair loss. Hair loss can be cause by doing tight hairstyles especially protective styles natural hair styles. Another cause is genetic. Androgenetic alopecia such as balding exists in both men and women. The third cause can be medication and health issues such anemia. Hair Thinning is also as a result of hair loss. In additional, excessive shedding due to stress, seasonal changes, and even postpartum shedding, which occurs after pregnancy and after a baby can occur.

Groganics hair products are products that contain DHT Blockers such as:
Saw Palmetto (a natural anti-inflammatory agent)
Chamomile (Calms and soothes skin)
Oat Seed Extract (possesses antifungal activity and is an excellet source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen the hair)

Groganics has two systems to help you:
– Growth System and Volumizing System.

You can find Groganics products on their website:

Products Used In This Video:
Groganics Deep Freeze Follicle Cleanser & Scalp Absorbent Shampoo

Groganics Deep Freeze Conditioner
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