Japanese hair secret

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Japanese is known for its healthy, beautiful, strong hair. What’s the secret?

One of the habits we Japanese do, I think, is to use as little hair shampoo as possible.
My skincare policy is less is more, less cosmetics moisturizing increases natural moistuire in the skin.This principle applies to the hair as well.

The more hari shampoo you use, natural oils on the scalp get rinsed away.So the scalp tries to produce more natural oils and sebaceous glands grow more. When you’ve got strong sebaceous glands, nutrition goes to the sebaceous glands instaed of hair. Therefore you’ve got less thinner weaker hair.

Here is how to wash your hair.
Wet the hair thoroughly, massage the scalp with water very very very well. And they finally use a little bit of hair shampoo for short time, and rise the shampoo very very very well.

Don’t just start hair shampoo immediatly. The important thing is to wet the hair with water only first, so that some dirt is rinsed off before shampoo and you don’t need too much hair shampoo.


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