Home remedy for hair loss & faster hair growth by Dr Mubashara Khan

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Dr.Mubashara Khan Clinic is a brand name for the Wellness Center established in 1998 run by Dr Mubashara Khan.She is a Doctor Qualified in Fitness, health , Skin, Hair , Weightloss , Weight gain , Spiritual, Yoga Master, Reiki Master & Much more from Canada and has been practising for the past 16 years in Karachi & Canada.
Sharas Wellness Center is a specialised clinic where priority is high quality aesthetic treatments related to skin hair and nails plus logical weight loss with non surgical body re shaping & sculpting .The clinic is fully equipped to cater all the problems related to skin and hair of any age and gender.Treatments include laser hair removals for thick and thin hair,skin rejuvenation ,skin tightening,clinical facials,face and total body whitening,treatments for pigmentation,acne and post acne scars and spots treatments,mole and skin tags removal,hair fall and dandruff treatment and much more beyond these treatments for healthy,beautiful,smart and confidant looks.The clinics work under most hygienic conditions in complete privacy .

Dr. Mubashara Khan is also
offering Bio Physics Test (SCAN IN 5 MINS), Aroma Therapy,Reflexology, Removing blockages, Physco analysis, Counseling,Hypnosis, Shiatsu accu pressure, Chakra/Energy balancing, Reiki, Depression, Stress and Emotional release couples counselling at her Shara’s Wellness Center.

Dr.Mubashara Khan is Well known & is Viewed on TV Channels.
She is a corporate trainer , who trains in over 32 subjects world wide.

You can visit her website for detailed Information on Events , Sevices , Photo Gallery & Profile of Dr.Mubashara Khan.

Dr. Mubashara Khan provides the opportunity to earn certifications in wide-range of health and wellness programs.

There are skills in you that you need to explore, recognize and get certified. Let us assist you by offering the programs which best suit your needs depending upon your study background, interests and future plans.

Variety of courses are designed by professionals and instructors of highest calibre from leading organizations and universities around the world while delivered by our extremely trained faculty members and professional trainers.

Dr.Mubashara Khan Qualifications

Bio Technician – Germany
AMD (Alternate Medicine)
Homeopath PhD – Columbia
Sports Science MPhil
Psycho Spiritual Therapist
Holistic Therapist
Yoga Master Aerobics
Weight Training Specializing
Fitness Trainer
Specialized Nutritionist
Hypnotherapist – Specializing Pain Management Control from Canada
Dermatology (Non Surgical)
Medical Aestitician – Canada
NLP – Canada
Silva Method – Canada
Drug/Alcohol Counselor – Canada
Fengshui Practioner – Canada
Spritualist / Pranic Healer
Reiki Grand Master
Blue Star Grand Master


Master in philosophy in sports science and Medical Aestheticians from Canada.
Bio-technician from Germany.
Phd in Homeopath from Columbia
Alternate Medicine from Columbia

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