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Read more about hair treatment and choose from hair weaves or hair transplant, here:

Say never to hair fall at early age…

Let’s find out what are the best hair treatment you can choose from hair weaves or hair transplant.

This video will show some facts and help’s you choose between hair weaves or hair transplant that can improve your hair growth.

You’ll learn the two common difference, result and side-effect of

Hair weaves and Hair transplant.

Hair Weaves
-Hair weaves are made by a human or artificial hair; by which you can choose your own hair style that you might look younger.

-Weaves can be attached in different ways.

• Micro Rings – A silicone wrapped rings that will attached near
the roots of the hair.
• Clip-ons – This is a simply clip them on sections of your hair.
• Tracking- This is a method because that can last your hair
longer and it takes faster to create.
• Nets and nylon Lace Fronts- It is a surface to where the
extensions can be woven.
• Bonding and Sealing-This is a tool that uses glues or keratin
adhesives to attach the hair extension to your
natural hair.

Hair Transplant.
-A surgical procedure that removes donor hair from the back of the head.

Hair Transplant Vs Hair Weaves

-Hair Weaves are only temporary solution to your hair styling needs, it protects the hair from damage due to too much styling. It may take your back a few hundreds, that will require you to come back for several sessions, either to add more extensions or to change them. This can simply be applied at hair salon.

-Hair Transplant, provide a more permanent solution, especially if you want to cover up the damage created by androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. It can run to thousands and require another repeat procedure, but only in rare occasions. This can’t be done at a clinic or hospital.

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