Hair Transplant Considerations for Traction Alopecia, Damaged Skin, and Ethnic Hair Density

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A lady has traction alopecia (hair loss due to pulling of tight hairstyles), and lost hair due to the chemicals of hair relaxers, so she wants to know if she is a good candidate for a hair transplant as an African-American female. She also wants to know what kind of results she can expect in terms of coverage, as well as number of procedures.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, M.D. reviews her concerns in this video, and explains the challenges of doing hair transplants on African hair, which is naturally curly and has less hair density, as well as the limitations of hair transplant procedures:

0:34 — Dr. Prasad details his background training, and discusses his experiences as a hair restoration specialist, and as the founder of the TrichoStem™ Hair Regeneration Centers for non-surgical hair loss treatment.

1:35 — Dr. Prasad discusses his approach to preparing a patient for hair transplantation

2:13 — The challenges associated with performing hair transplants on African hair, such as the curliness that leads to less hair density than straight hair; as well as the technical challenges for performing the procedure itself

3:15 — Why a proper evaluation is critical before having a hair transplant

3:52 — The challenge of ensuring hair graft survival, particularly when transplanting hair grafts on damaged skin

4:26 — The chemical toxicity of hair relaxers

4:45 — Dr. Prasad discusses extracellular matrix and its ability to improve the results of hair transplants and thicken existing thinning hair

6:18 — The importance of meeting with a hair transplant specialist who will see to your case long-term

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