Hair Loss: Stopping testosterone can become impotent.

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Hair Loss: Stopping testosterone can become impotent.

Faced with certain treatments against hair loss, men may have to ask themselves the following questions: Do I prefer to go bald or suffer from erectile dysfunction over a long period of time? That is what a new study by specialists of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Northwest, in Chicago, reveals about the drugs against baldness, dutasteride and finasteride.

After monitoring 11,000 men taking dutasteride and finasteride to stop hair loss, it was discovered that almost 2% of them began to have permanent problems of erectile dysfunction after starting treatment. In addition, the problem remained after having stopped consuming them, for a period ranging from seven months to four years.

The cause of this disorder is due to the blockage of certain hormones, such as testosterone. In all, researchers estimate that males who follow these treatments have a 4% higher risk of impotence. A risk that is even greater in those who have a blood type A, B and AB, than those who have the O.

Scientists believe that these side effects have received minimal attention, and therefore, further studies are needed to confirm them and to determine the reason these side effects persist in some individuals.

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