Hair loss situation of shock !! overseas – Brazilian wax full procedure (4K)

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Brazilian wax, like other wax hair removal, stretched thinly coated with wax agent was allowed to warm to the site to the hair loss, that’s peeled off by applying a wax hair removal only of the non-woven fabric on top is a common procedure. In addition, the wax agent There are soft and hard, the practitioner sites and hair length, the use by the engineer of preference (the ease of handling of the solvent) different. As mentioned above, without relying on a dedicated nonwoven, a wax agent is applied to the skin, is also directly pull peel off the solvent a wax agent becoming stiff after several tens of seconds. This is by the features of the solvent, or to use a non-woven fabric, us so or not is different from the manufacturer, it should be carried out the correct usage. But although this nonwoven solvent which does not use are often used in Europe, since it it can be used by dissolving again in general hygiene is seen as a problem. The advantage of this type of hair removal method are that does not cause razor burn, it is that the hair regrowth is slow. In addition, as a disadvantage, in order to carry out against the most sensitive parts of the body, for a while from hair loss, it is also often the skin is red.

Bikini line, when hair loss the mons pubis and the pubic region, the bed to take a supine position, although it is often performed the hair loss and as it is open leg is part of the between the legs, way depending on the country or the store is a mixed . Hair loss around the perineum and anus is common to take the fours of attitude. However, in recent years there is also a shop to do turned sideways, but in many cases the lower body does not wear anything, anything to relieve the sense of anxiety and shame due to the fact that not wearing, the waist of the rubber cord fabric is on the left and right wear disposable T-back shorts made it possible to slide, it may also be carried out while shifting the fabric so that only site of hair loss is exposed. Regardless of whether or not to wear underwear, and that are protected the privacy of the person who receives the hair loss, relaxed atmosphere based on mutual trust is important.

In the example, if you leave the hair only constant width to the mons pubis, against the paper, or the like to the portion which is not hair loss, and hair loss the periphery. Is the same even if you leave the hair to a certain shape (for example, the shape of the heart soot), and the remaining hair and hairline of the part to not be completely hair removal with wax is adjust to unplug one by one with tweezers.

Is a pain if the side, which is that remove the remaining hair with a pair of tweezers, but coating the wax agent more than necessary, because there is less damage to the skin than to repeat the act of peeling off many times, can not be helped. After hair removal, to remove the remaining wax on the skin, further sometimes paint and a soothing lotion.

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