Fundraising for Alopecia: The Unknown Disease

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Hey guys. I have alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that mistakenly targets my hair cells as enemies. It’s a weird disease since doctors don’t really have a cure for it, since they don’t know why it really happens. Some say that stress triggers hair loss, but even if this is true, they may not know why stress triggers it. Others say that it is simply genetic through abnormal thyroids.
I am raising money for research towards this disease since I know there are people out there with broken self esteems (or just broken self images) from losing hair. I am not really emotionally affected by alopecia, but I hate how other people have no real way to escape it. I would like for there to be a cure for them.
On August 28th at 7:00PM, Andre Dangi and I will be livestreaming on Twitch.Tv for 24 hours to try to boost donations.
You can donate straight through Boston Children’s at:
Tune into the livestream on August 28th at 7:00PM until August 29th at 7:00PM at:
Please share this video/post to whoever you know! Thank you so much!

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