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Dr. Nikki Hill MD, Top Dermatologist & Medical Hair Loss Expert

Welcome to my Channel. I am Dr. Nikki Hill, MD, FAAD a board certified dermatologist, nationally recognized Hair Loss Expert and Founder of Skin of Culture and Hair Center also known as (SOCAH Center) located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of medical hair loss disorders. My practice was founded on the principle that a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve the overall health of an individual’s skin, hair, and nails. I practice both traditional dermatology as well as a holistic path to healing.

I opened my practice, to focus on the dermatologic needs of patients, including hair loss. I have developed the best comprehensive treatment options for my patients all while educating them about their conditions.

My goal is to build a rapport with each of my patients. I am committed to my philosophy of listening to my patients concerns and addressing all of them. Patients who are members of my concierge dermatology membership plans have access to be scheduled within 24 hours and have direct email access to me. I also offer “teledermatology” service to individuals who have been previously evaluated at my local office.

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