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Dr. Kamran of Scarless Vein Care discusses Leg Hair Loss and its relationship to venous insufficiency:

Hi I’m Dr. Kamran of Derm One Scarless Vein Care. Today I’m going to be talking about hair growth…on their legs, not on their head or anywhere else. Well, it is kind of interesting because as a general vascular surgeon, we’ve always felt that if you had hair loss on your legs, it was probably related to arteries. Now we are finding out that patients that have venous disease seem to have a problem with the hair on the leg similarly seems to have a problem with hair on the leg, in that, once I take care of their venous insufficiency and I take care of the varicose veins and the venous issues that they have, some of these patients, I assume have improved profusion to the leg, improved circulation to the leg. Within 3-6 months they have more hair growth on their legs. And guys seem to be fine with that. And my lady patients, even though they tell me that the8r legs feel great, they have to shave more often. But I see that as a good thing, because that hair growth tells you that it has good profusion, and when the grass is growing, the soil if very fertile. Thank you.

“Nice Legs, Dr. Kamran!”

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