Amla Hair Treatment (prevent hair loss)

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AMLA can potentially help with the following:
– add texture, volume, wave and curl
– prevent greying
– prevent hair loss
– give thicker, stronger and shinier hair strands
– stop dandruff

– Amla powder can be mixed with warm water and applied to your face as a mask

– In Manhattan, I recommend buying Hesh Amla from Dual Specialty Store in the East Village: 91 1st Ave bet 5th and 6th

– Online, I recommend shop.khanapakana dot com

– If you heat the concoction, it will help the oil/amla absorb better into your scalp&hair

– The leave-in hair treatment I’m applying in my hair is H2O HYDRAMOIST IONIC SHAPER (H3) available at 22 Pell St, New York, NY 10013

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