10-Minute Mircale Cacao Hair Mask for Frizzy, Dry, Damaged Hair and Extreme Hair Growth

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10-Minute Miracle Cupcake Cacao Hair Mask for Frizzy, Dry, Damaged Hair and Extreme Hair Growth:

Remember how chocolate is great for circulation? Well, that includes circulation in your scalp. By increasing blood flow to your scalp, it helps your hair grow and can help fight against hair loss! That’s alone is reason to indulge —even if it wasn’t so delicious.
Also, “Chocolate is rich in vitamin A (antioxidants, thickness, strength), riboflavin (B2 = growth), thiamine (B1 = shine, strength, growth), potassium (stimulates growth), phosphorus (prevent hair loss), magnesium (strength and growth), so chocolate can leave hair strong and glossy,” says Scott-Vincent Borba, Creative Director of Toppik.

Hydration: “Chocolate contains healthy fats, such as shea and cocoa butters, which help to moisturize the skin while also acting as an anti-inflammatory,” says Marisa Martino, esthetician and co-founder of SKINNEY Medspa.

How to make a cacao hair mask
How to make a cacao cupcake hair mask


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